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RumbaTime was founded by the simple idea of making time keep up with your life. Launched in 2009 by Drew Deters and Jay Hartington, two best friends reunited in NYC, RumbaTime is both fueled and inspired by their shared passion for adventure, discovery, and living life to the fullest. Fun, fashionable and affordable, every season promises diverse colors and styles across a range of watches and accessories.

RumbaTime has something for everyone with over 20 collections, each named after the New York City locales that inspire their design – iconic spots such as Brooklyn, Gramercy, TriBeCa, Bowery, and NoLIta. These creative timepieces are made from a mix of silicone, leather, chain, and fabric. When you put on a Rumba, you’re wearing a watch that’s as unique as you are.

NoLita is home to vintage and designer boutiques on cobbled streets brimming with activity. Cafes and restaurants offer some of the best people watching around. It’s like stepping into a movie set. Quintessentially New York City – old and new mix for a charm you can’t find anywhere else.

There’s a lot of cool little shops tucked away on Orchard Street that the Rumba crew loves to frequent.


Gramercy is both chic and cozy. With it’s well-groomed parks, amazing restaurants, and quiet brownstone clad streets, it’s a favorite neighborhood of the Rumba crew for seeking inspiration and a quiet escape.

Ah Brooklyn, what’s not to love about the coolest and most diverse borough in NYC. This is where it all started for Rumba. And this is the crew’s new favorite watch. So what else could we possibly call it?

There’s a lot of cool little shops tucked away on Orchard Street that the Rumba crew loves to frequent. With its stylish and unique design, the Orchard watch is right at home there.

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