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NEW CREW : L’Autre Chose

NEW CREW : L’Autre Chose



Italian craftsmanship and Parisian allure merge into an extremely sophisticated and versatile vision enriched with precious materials and exquisite customizations ranging from precious 3D decors to vibrant multicolor prints.

The functional yet often audacious architecture of the shoes complements the eclectic and hyper-modern spirit of the clothing.
The silhouettes are enhanced by sartorial finishings, swanky patterns and sparkling appliqués that also embellish the day to evening selection of matching handbags.
The total look features complementary yet distinctive pieces in a liberating play of fashionable combinations and self-expressing styling.

The sense of refinement arises from a passionate balance between quality and design, tradition and innovation, elegance and effortlessness; a unique mix of savoir-faire and contemporaneity which L’Autre Chose’s creative team infuses season after season into an authentic philosophy of style and design.

The Story

L’Autre Chose S.p.A was founded in 1959 in the heart of the Marche region, in eastern Italy, a district of excellence in the high-end shoe production industry and a bustling place that continues to inspire and shape the values of quality, uniqueness and refinement that are at the heart of the brand.

In 1987, after nearly thirty years of manufacturing experience in the fashion sector, the company launched its eponymous footwear label L’Autre Chose and throughout the years, the brand’s aesthetic vision has grown to include ready-to-wear and handbag collections.

In 2013, the brand became part of the Sator Private Equity Fund, which triggered the beginning of a new strategy of international development and omnichannel expansion. The Sator Private Equity Fund has now acquired an 100% stake in L’Autre Chose, launching a management reinforcement process that has led to the appointment of Alice Carli, as Chief Executive Officer, and Nicolò Beretta, as Creative Director. The retail, wholesale and e-commerce channels are perfectly integrated, ensuring an exclusive distribution coverage which is extensive and especially international, so as to spread the prestige of Italian excellence worldwide.



The Italian soul of the brand, both in manufacturing excellence as much as in creative inspiration, represents the key value of the company, which for over 50 years now has recognized flawless quality and accuracy as the main pillars at the core of its lasting legacy and future standing in the luxury fashion scene.

L’Autre Chose’s headquarters and specialized manual conveyors are still today located in Porto Sant’Elpidio, along the coastline of the Marche region, a cozy and industrious landscape where the constant blend between craftsmanship and modernization allows local artisans to hone their skills at the ever-evolving pace of technological progress.