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Meet the first biodegradable sneaker in NFT

Meet the first biodegradable sneaker in NFT



Terra is the Italian for Earth and it is the first biodegradable sneaker result of a wise research of materials and components aimed at guaranteeing a low environmental impact and a net reduction in disposal costs.

Terra is a certified metal free and biodegradable leather sneaker that can be disposed of in just 180 days. Its sole, made from the virgin milk of Hevea tree, has a honeycomb structure that guarantees greater flexibility and comfort.


The production process guarantees a low environmental impact and a net reduction in disposal costs.
The leathers used are non-toxic, non-polluting and biodegradable certified:

Metal Free

Biodegradable and Compostable ISO14855 and ISO20136

Durability certificate equal to traditional leather

Certified compliant for color fastness and resistance to stress

LCA for the environmental impact



The LACTAE HEVEA® sole is the result of the refinement of an entirely natural product, the hevea milk harvested at the heart of tropical plantations which are regularly maintained and constantly renewed.

No natural forest is cut down.

After 25 years of exploitation, the old tree is felled and a new tree is planted.


DIS has its roots in the Marche region, a district of excellence for the production of footwear since the thirteenth century.

DIS produces only what is sold,

with materials of natural origin and raw material suppliers in an area of just 10 km, reducing C02 emissions by 30% compared to a normal shoe manufacturing company

Buy the physical version of “Terra” and you will immediately get the NFT ownership of a unique, numbered and limited edition digital asset.
Only the first 100 customers will receive the numbered collectible video, a real digital artwork that you can decide to collect, seeing its value increase or resell on all NFT platforms worldwide.