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Meet Inflow : B2B fashion manufacturing platform

Meet Inflow : B2B fashion manufacturing platform


Inflow is a B2B fashion manufacturing platform, ensuring exceptional quality and efficiency for global fashion brands. Our centralized and on-demand production platform establishes an agile supply chain, connecting fashion brands with the most suitable manufacturing partners from our vast network of small and medium manufacturers. With data-driven methods, we optimize the order process and deliver a seamless production experience for fashion brands worldwide, empowering brands to adapt quickly to market changes, customer demands, and emerging trends.

Reduce sourcing process from averagely 3 weeks downs to 48 hours

✔Get quotes from the most suitable suppliers within 48 hours.

✔Data-driven sourcing process with strong on-the-ground support.

✔Fully vetted and ethical suppliers, exclusively from Vietnam with high quality finished products.


Full visibility to your supply chain

✔Getting full visibility into your supply chain anywhere anytime.

✔Smart recommendations on new designs and fabric options based on your frequently productions.

✔Collaborate with teams through 1 single platforms.

✔Manage multiple suppliers with production dashboard and receive real-time updates on the progress.


What Inflow Offers:
✔ Streamlined Supply Chain: Centralized production, efficient communication, shorter lead times, no intermediaries.
✔ Agile Production: Flexible platform for scalable volume, designs, and market response.
✔ Machine Learning in Restock Analytic Tools: achieve optimal inventory management while offering an extensive range of high-quality products to fashion brands worldwide.
✔ Flexible MOQs: Small-order production, agile and cost-effective.
✔ AI Forecast Deployment: Predictive AI optimizes production and inventory.
✔ Sustainability Integration: Ethical partnerships for eco-friendly production.
✔ Quality Assurance: Rigorous vetting process throughout phases, superior products, unified standards.
✔ Expert Guidance: Provide comprehensive guidance, from design development and material sourcing to production management and logistics, for a seamless clients’ experience.

Inflow is a supply chain and manufacturing platform for global D2C brands.