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Sowden exhibited at Coffee Expo

Sowden exhibited at Coffee Expo


Attracting more than 40,000 visitors and buyers, and over 150 exhibitors from all over the world upon its launch in 2014, Coffee Expo Seoul is THE place for coffee lovers to gather and taste, experience, explore, and talk about coffee!

Korea’s coffee industry has doubled over the past seven years, seeing an explosion in both import and consumption while catapulting Korea to its place as 11th largest coffee market in the world. South Koreans are now amongst the top global consumers of coffee, and the country is home to over 12,300 coffee shops. With the vast majority of Korea’s coffee imported from overseas, and the emergence of a taste for new varieties of hot and cold beverage, the Korean coffee industry is certainly an exciting place to be. Along with the massive expansion of Korea’s coffee market, Coffee Expo Seoul has doubled it’s size in 3 years from it’s first launch in 2012. Starting from 82 participants, Coffee Expo Seoul is expecting 150 exhibitors in its next edition.