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Columbus Partner’s new family : DPS

Columbus Partner’s new family : DPS


Artistic Lifestyle by legendary artist and designer Nathalie Du Pasquier & George Sowden

Nathalie du Pasquier and George Sowden have been working as artists, designers, and product developers from their Milano studios for many years. Their work covers all fields of manufacture – from ideas for hand-made carpets to the design and engineering of electronic products – they have a lot of experience in a large range of professional activity and they are well known internationally and have produced memorable work.

Their approach has always been a simple use of personal research using instinct and experience to find interesting solutions to the creation of modern objects. Their design can always be recognised by an obvious straightforward usefulness together with the relevant shapes/colours or decoration/materials of products that signify new, satisfactory objects for the home. There is always something very familiar about what they do, even when they are designing things never seen before.

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